The Respect Party

The Respect Party was set up in January 2004. It was formed because of the need for a left-wing alternative to the three established parties – New Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats.None of those parties represent the interests of ordinary working-class people or those who want a fairer, more equal and just society.

Election Successes

In the 2005 general election Respect got impressive results despite the ‘first past the post’ electoral system, which makes things difficult for a new party. We were able to win results in a clutch of inner-city working class constituencies which no other left party had achieved for a very long time.

Founding Declaration

We have marched in unprecedented numbers against war, against racism, and in defence of democracy and civil liberties.

Disability Rights

Ten million disabled people in Britain. Respect recognises that disabled eople face discrimination, prejudice and social exclusion.

Employment Rights

Work and the use of agency workers sit alongside the increasing harassment and victimisation of trade union representatives.

Democracy & Representation

Globalisation Nightmare

Respect rejects the way in which the globalisation of the world economy is taking place at the expense of jobs, conditions, public services and the destruction of the environment.

Health & Safety

There has been little progress on health and safety issues since New Labour came to power. In fact there are escalating problems as working conditions are privatisation.

International Solidarity

Respect stands in solidarity with peoples across the world who are denied their national rights or live under oppressive regimes or face the threat of intervention.

Women's Rights

Respect is committed to equal rights in all spheres of society including equal rights for women. We want to see a world where the contribution of women is fully valued and rewarded.


The party has been raising some serious issues that need to be addressed. Finally, is speaking for real people's problems.
Jose D Pittman
We all should pay attention to the initiatives a part takes to solve the problems of society. I am in complete support of the party.
Denise J Ross
We all have been blessed to have leaders who truly care about world peace. This is a great platform for news and updates.
Francisco M Michalski

About Policies

Respect is a radical political alternative to the rightward march of New Labour and the other establishment parties. Although it grew out of the mass opposition to the war on Iraq, it is more than an anti-war party.

Respect believes that we have an obligation to protect both wild and domesticated animals against cruel treatment and unnecessary exploitation. We are in favour of the development of a safe, sustainable and humane relationship with other species.
Respect condemns the July 7 2005 terrorist attack on London, which killed innocent people – men and women, black and white, on their way to work. We also condemn the war-drive, which created the conditions for it, and the shoot-to-kill response of the Metropolitan Police.
Artistic communities need greater democratic control over their own creative activity. The Arts Council and other funding organisations should be replaced with democratic and
Most of these are the same people every time: Labour voters in strong Tory or Liberal democrat seats or vice-versa. The effects of this system on small parties is such that it is almost impossible for them to win a Westminster seat. Respect’s victory in Bethnal Green and Bow was exceptional.

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